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In this FREE session, we’ll uncover your business, help you discover areas of improvement and give you insight into the building blocks and process of how to build a brand of power, emotion and presence that speaks directly to your customers and builds loyalty.

We have created a branding methodology and set of plans tailored specifically for start-ups and growing businesses. We work through this methodology with you so that you understand it every step of the way. It is also flexible in that it allows us to use the time wisely for specific business strategies and tactics as you grow.

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So why are you here? It could be for many reasons but here are a few.

  • You’ve got your new business and you want to launch it the right way?
  • You’re not getting the clients you hoped for?
  • You want to expand and get noticed by new customers?
  • You’re launching a new product but the brand doesn’t quite match
  • You’re gearing up for a round of investment and the brand needs to be on point!
  • You want to scale for a management buy out and need the business to be in a state to pass on and become a legacy.
  • Your brand just doesn’t feel right.


These are just a few examples but there are many scenarios why you will find yourself at this point but there is only one reason; Your branding.

Without a good brand strategy, there can be no effective marketing or sales strategies.

We help you get this right first so that your visual identity and brand experience will follow. A good brand acts as a guide for you internally and externally. It will help you identify your audiences and their needs, give you information on how to differentiate against your competitors and distil what makes you different. We work out how your brand should talk and behave. More importantly, we find the passion that lies within and helps you communicate this consistently throughout your brand, in ways that will resonate with your audiences. 

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No ties. No commitments.

We believe in making the power of branding accessible to all businesses with great ideas, not just the big guns with deep pockets.

We want to give you the weight and leverage of a strong brand so that it supports and materialises your vision. So that you can concentrate on doing what you love best.

We find the passion within you and help you build a brand that materialises your vision. We aim to not only fit this vision but surpasses your expectations.

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"I have worked with Rob on a branding project for a startup and found the process thought provoking, innovative and inspiring. The methodology he uses is easy to follow and made the team think through the art of the possible from both an accessibility and creative viewpoint. He did a lot of research and thinking before he gets creative and the results have been really impressive, very cool and accessible to all."

Amanda Dickens - ParcLife